Control and measurement jigs
Accuracy regardless of input conditions

The process of accurate measuring starts with analyzing subjected parts and assemblies. Eventually this leads to designing optimum measuring or control concept exactly according to the actual conditions.

We use modular system by Carl Zeiss when designing our jigs that allows us to achieve guaranteed accuracy of 0.05 mm.

This system brings several advantages including easy adjustment, flexible adaptability and high accuracy of measuring. We are able to create measuring jigs of various size, geometry and even materials. We design special, control, life cycle and detection measurement jigs.

Case study

For Prestar s.r.o. we have designed and supplied a control workplace to control muft of different sizes. Mufts are robotically transferred to a conveyor track consisting of several conveyors. One is driven by a continuous engine, a second step motor. The third conveyor is a roller track.

In the middle of the transport line there is a manipulator that rotates mufts 180 degrees. One part of the conveyor is equipped with a movable adjustable guide. The lead is set by the electric motor via the lever mechanism.

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