Manag Machines division is a unique project of four MULTICRAFT GROUP companies joined together.

We will deliver complex solution for automation and robotization
We automatize and robotize

We automatize constructive, assemble, logistic and other workplaces with inclusion of robots. We design and construct reliable Single-purpose devices for you custom workplace.

Custom automation process

Our service includes complex solution – from thorough analysis and design of systematic solution, through mechanical parts and programming till delivery of all components and electronic parts.

Systematic and coherent solutions

We solve every project systematically. Since the beginning we care of every small element and detail. This leads to designing simple construction meeting every requirement.

Industrial automation and robotization helps you:

Ensure accurate and effective assembly


Observe fast and repetitively accurate manufacturing process


Reduce operating costs

We help you to continuously link internal processes of Industy 4.0.

Delivered solutions