Single purpose machines
Highly efficient production process in every industrial sector

We design and manufacture single purpose equipment and machines. We look for simple and cost effective solutions delivering highly efficient production in any given industrial sector. Our single purpose machines are integrated in production processes within both new and existing automated lines and workstations.

Our team of creative and talented engineers is capable of delivering successful solutions.

Case study – single-purpose assembly workstation of door modules

We have manufactured a dedicated workplace that is part of the assembly line. At each workplace, partial assembly or preparation for further operations is carried out. The assembly workstation can be designed as a separate station or a series of stations or as part of an entire conveyor line.

This station, designed by us, makes a swivel frame for easier two-sided installation. The module is designed for stationing and fixing the workpiece, various mounting devices, pressing or screwing tools, sensors and cameras.
The line is designed to ensure flawless, reliable assembly of the defined components. It also allows partial inter-operation control of defined parameters (pressing pressures, tightening torques, presence and orientation of parts, color, dimensions, etc.). The matching parts are released for further operations, non-conforming parts are discarded and intended to be repaired.

Jednoúčelová zařízení - montážní pracoviště dveřních modulů
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