Welding fixtures
The right design for any application

We design and manufacture welding fixtures used in welding process automation. Our products are created to fulfill latest principles and standards of the automotive industry with high level of automation. When dealing with lower production series, we are able to adjust those designs according to specific economic and process requirements of particular end users. The fixtures may be in the form of standalone devices, equipped with positioners, or eventually integrated into robotic welding cells.

Case study – Laser welding device

For our client, we have developed and manufactured a laser welding device. The product is a complement to a single-purpose laser machine for light beam welding. It ensures precise seating of the parts before welding and their exact and firm clamping.

The individual clamping elements are designed to withstand the welding head when the welding head passes, while maintaining sufficient fitting of the individual parts. The clamps are controlled by compressed air. The device is equipped with sensors to detect the presence and correct placement of individual parts. Individual devices are easily replaceable using a busy combined connector.

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