LED lights fitting testers
Accurate testing is foundation of success

Every single LED light fitting is put into JIG attached to technological pallet and smoke tested in chambers with regulated temperature. Every pallet has connectors of every JIG for voltage income to chamber and for monitoring changes of electric variable during the test.

For the functional connectivity testing of the light based in JIG is used measurement device outside of smoke test chamber, operated manually by operator.

Case study – LED light testing system

We have designed accurate measuring instruments for automotive manufacturing companies. In one embodiment, the LED lights are seated and connected to the technological pallets. Cooling chambers with adjustable temperature are burning LEDs. The measurement of electrical quantities of individual LEDs is made by connecting the measuring instrument to the technological pallet.

The system is built on the Zeiss Carfit system, which is appreciated by clients for its easy adjustments for later calibration, precision to 0.05 mm and the possibility of fast unnecessary modification when changing the shape of the part to be measured.

We deliver the targeting protocol and the results of the MSA measurement system.

Testování LED světel - celkový pohled
Systém pro testování LED světel
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